BTS Story

Our Story:

Some years ago, I had made some equipment purchases that turned out to be very disappointing.  The equipment was mis-represented to us, the support was nonexistent and the folks who sold us the equipment never returned phone calls or reached out us in any way.  Then we tried buying new equipment and found that although under warranty our trucks spent more time in the dealership then on the road working.

In 2004, after discussing our frustration regarding trucks for our company, we decided it was best if we took our years of skills and experience and start buying, and restoring trucks we had bought on the used market.  By 2007 I decided to start a company that focused on providing used but valued trucks and equipment to others in the tree care industry.  I am not a top mechanic, wielder, fabricator, etc. I was and still am an arborist who has a passion to serve our industry.

It was as though God Himself was helping me start this new adventure.  He brought all the people with the right skills to come and run BTS Equipment.

There's no secret to who we are.  We buy trucks and equipment from across the country and from various sources.  We service, test, detail and then run performance tests with the goal of providing our customers with valued purchases.  Sometimes there are hidden items we don't know about or catch that came with the truck before we purchased it.  Other times things just happen no matter how many checks and balances we do.  However, I'm proud to say our team supports our customers in every way possible even when it hits our checkbook.


Our story ends like this:

  • We do what we say.
  • We are a no-nonsense company.
  • Our custom built chipper bodies are as good as any.
  • We don't sell paint jobs but rather strive to give our clients long lasting reliable equipment.
  • We want every experience for our customers to be a good one.
  • And, yes we want your business so call us and let us earn your trust.

God Bless each of you hard working people this day!