Several years ago, prior to starting BTS, we made some equipment purchases that proved very disappointing. The equipment was misrepresented to us, the support was nonexistent and the folks who sold it to us neglected to return phone calls or reach out in any way. Later on, we tried buying new equipment and found that, although under warranty, our trucks spent more time in the dealership than on the road.

In 2004, after discussing our frustration about the trucks at our company, we decided to take our years of skills and experience and start buying and restoring trucks we had bought on the used market. In 2007, we decided to start a company that focused on providing used but valued trucks and equipment to others.


There’s no secret to who we are. We buy trucks and equipment from various sources throughout the country. We service, test, detail and then run performance tests with the goal of providing our customers with valued purchases. Sometimes there are hidden items we don’t know about or catch that came with the truck before we purchased it. Other times things just happen no matter how many checks we do. However, we’re proud to say our team supports our customers in every way possible — even when it hits our checkbook. Ultimately, it's our mission and goal to honor God in all we do and to treat others as we would want to be treated.


We do what we say

We are a no-nonsense company

Our custom built chipper bodies are as good as any. 

We don't sell paint jobs but rather strive to give our clients long-lasting reliable equipment.

We want every experience for our customers to be a positive one

And yes, we want your business, so call us at 586-752-7480 and let us earn your trust. 



Arbor Man LLC | Livonia, MI

We have worked with BTS multiple times in the last 5 years. They have always been easy to work with and provide a quality service! We will continue to recommend and use them in the future.


Since setting up shop in March 2009, BTS Equipment has been committed to providing reliable used trucks and equipment to companies in agriculture, utilities, landscaping, tree service and other industries.

We take pride in offering reliable trucks that meet your business needs. Ask us anything and expect an honest answer in return. We believe transparency is an important part of the shopping process, which is why we post all relevant details about our trucks on our website, and also allow test drives before purchase. We value your trust and want to do everything in our power to help you make a confident, informed decision.


We’ll never claim to be perfect, nor will we ever tell you that a used equipment purchase is as good as new, because it’s not. We offer used trucks. Dings, scratches and mechanical imperfections are all part of the adventure and risk of buying used. We do not pretend, state claims or imply otherwise that our inventory has received a complete bumper-to-bumper, bolt-by-bolt and part-by-part update and restoration. However, we can assure you that your purchase will be serviced with the intent of providing good equipment at a fraction of the price of new.


Not sure you’re ready to buy or even know what to buy? We can help. Contact us with no obligation and let our experienced staff help guide you with your purchase. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll take the time to lead you to someone else that can help. Meanwhile, check out our latest collection of used, quality trucks and equipment for sale. Our business is about helping people first.