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    BTS Equipment manufactures custom, high quality, rugged wood chipper bodies designed to withstand the toughest of job site conditions. Our durable fabricated chip boxes are built with USA steel strengthened by reinforced structural framing and heavy duty welds. Each newly manufactured chipper body is acid washed, sealed by a baked prime coat and a powder coated finish is applied for rust resistant long lasting performance.

    Our chip boxes can be installed on our chassis or yours so whether you're a municipality, tree care company or a utility service, you can be assured of getting the "right" fit for your truck. BTS Equipment stands behind each chipper body with exceptional customer service, professional installation and a limited 3 year warranty.

    Our standard chip bodies are 96 inches wide ranging in length from 12' to 18' and come in both straight or notched body styles depending on your custom storage needs. Need more options? Ask about what we can build for you. Additional custom sizes are available.

    Need custom logos and paint? Our chip bodies can also be painted and decaled to match the other chipper trucks in your fleet. The BTS fabrication process is designed to afford you a cost ­effective solution also. BTS chipper bodies are simply consistently dependable and as great a value as you'll find available.

  • Back Straight Box

    GMC 6500 L-Box Storage 14ft Chip Body

    GMC Straight Box Up

    International Straight Chipper Box Image

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 001

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    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 005

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    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 007

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 008

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 009

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 010

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 011

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 012

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 013 Removable Top

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 015  Straight Style Box

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 017

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 018

    Manufactured Chipper Bodies 019

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