“I had a very good experience with Chris and his crew. Bought a 72 foot bucket truck Chevy 7500 with cat 3126 auto transmission with 25,000 miles, great truck. He did everything he said he was going to do and at a very reasonable price. BTS put a cab protector on our truck for half of the price I got from other places, 2 tool boxes same deal, and a front bumper winch for half the price I found anywhere else and that’s not including the cost of installation which they did. Got home and inspection had a few minor issues which BTS sent me a check to help cover. Just a good experience all round. I would buy another truck from BTS. When I purchased the truck here is what was made known to me, I knew I was not buying a new truck. I knew the truck had been painted. I inspected the truck where it had been painted over, it was normal wear due to weather. It was not a hide all the rust job and not inform customer. Our truck was inspected and had no paint over the rust issues. These were very honest people. This is what I read on the website below before purchasing the truck. “We want you to know what we know. This is a used product and you will find flaws and imperfections. You can ask us anything about our trucks. All specifications are the best available and are subject to your personal inspection and confirmation.”

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Our inventory consists of pre-owned trucks and equipment ideal for utility companies, tree service companies, sign and lighting installers or municipal managers. Ask us anything. BTS Equipment values your trust, and it’s important that you have the information you need to ensure you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase. We offer used trucks and can assure you that your purchase will be serviced with the intent of providing good equipment. Read More